Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow Cave

The girls eglu is starting to look like a snow cave. But I think the added insulation over the run is keeping them warmer. I've left the door open a couple of times and not only will they not roam around they climb out of the snow cave and they turn right around and jump back into their run. We're setting up our new computer so hopefully I'll be able to post some new winter pics of the snow cave. The snow coverage on the top and covering the sides of the run has kept the run nice and dry, but frozen and the girls are looking a bit dusty but they seem very happy. Victoria has now started a new thing where she tries to rip the treat bag (a custom pasta blend) I've been giving them right out of my hand. She's so feisty. A challenge we're having is keeping the eglu turd tray from freezing and making it extremely difficult to remove.

We're counting down to new chicks in a couple of weeks and we're very excited!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Good Lord! It's been freezing here sometimes below 0F! We've been putting vaseline on the girls combs and wattels. The girls have been refusing to come out of their run into the snow. There's a a foot of snow on top of their run cover! This is as far as they'll come out. Victoria comes out and then back in again!