Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WEIRD!!! Rogue Chicken!!!

Got a strange message from a neighbor that one our chickens was out in our neighbors yard and being harassed by a dog. I ran to the window and did a triple count. They were all there. I thought how weird, it must be a big wild bird of some sort. Then later I ran into my neighbor Rich and he said that there was a chicken in his yard! I thought he was joking until I followed him around his shed and sure enough there was a beautiful big girl sitting in his yard. I know I've inspired some people locally to keep chickens but not anyone this close in the neighborhood. So, I have no idea where this chicken came from. I went to the post office to report and check the board and Sherri of course knew before I did that "my" chicken was on the run. We laughed when I told her that the chicken wasn't one of mine and it was a lost chicken found. We're going to post pictures that she's been found. Rich and I caught her with a towel and I put her in with our large girls since we had a spot recently vacated by Penelope (RIP). We're thinking LuLu for a name. The girls are figuring it out in there right now losts of chicken talk in the yard. Lulu is a big girl with feathers on her legs. I can't identify her breed yet. I still can't get over it. Our neighborhood isn't the type to have random chickens crossing the road or the river! Our nearest chicken farm is across the roaring fork river and there's no way she made it this far. WEIRD! I think she's a Black Langshan. But who knows I'll post a picture later maybe you have some ideas.


EAPPster said...

That's crazy! There was someone on the Backyard Chickens message board recently who had a hen show up out of nowhere on her front porch in Los Angeles. So, I guess these things happen. I hope you solve the crazy chicken mystery.

You might want to be a bit careful about mixing her in with your girls, though. She might be carrying disease. Sorry to scare you, but I just wanted to mention it. Most chicken folk I've talked to recommend a few weeks of quarantine time before mixing in an adult chicken with your existing flock.

James Chickens said...


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Suzanne said...

Please continue with your blog - I am an English Eglu owner and would love to hear more about your girls, especially tips about how you and they cope with cold weather - its minus 4c today here (which is probably not that cold toyou!) and the girls are a bit chilly!
Hope you start blogging again soon!
love Suzanne
in Cheshire, England